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  • Custom Homes

  • Multi-Unit Developments

  • Dual Occupancy/Duplex

  • Knockdown/Rebuild

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Rexcon Homes

The leading local builder of choice for quality minded clients and high performing employees.

Who We Are

REXCON Homes is an expert home builder constructing some of the finest homes in Melbourne's south east corridor.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service. We also understand the importance of keeping to contract time-lines, budgets and working in a professional manner in conjunction with architects, engineers to ensure all targets are thoroughly met.

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 Custom Homes

A REXCON custom home is a unique home that is designed for a specific client and for  a particular location.
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Multi-Unit Developments

At REXCON Homes, we understand that each and every developer and investor has unique needs and ideas.
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Dual Occupancy/Duplex

If you’re looking for a property investment that doubles your income, doubles your equity growth and maximises the value of your land, then A duplex might be just what your after.
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Knock Down-Rebuild

Knock down your existing house and rebuild it into your dream home with REXCON Homes.
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REXCON Signature Homes

Above and beyond the sophisticated, REXCON Signatures Homes offers our clients; prestige, luxury and truly magnificent homes that will impress even the fanciful.
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